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Edible Caustic soda flakes


Edible Caustic soda flakes
Caustic soda flakes or caustic soda flakes has the common name of sodium hydroxide. Edible caustic soda flakes is an additive using in food industries to adjust PH, remove bitterness and do so many other things. Surely, caustic soda flakes is a very basic and acrid material, so it is used in the form of causitc soda solution or extra diluted liquid soda . caustic soda flakes is an ionic compound with properties of sodium as a cationic material and hydroxide as an anionic one. Some of its usages in food industries are as belows:




About Us


Shiraz farashimi chemical company is the first producer of  caustic soda flakes and distributer of different chemical materials in shiraz. By employing professional and engaged experts, it has satarted its operation since 2006, in great industrial park. From the first beginning the company could satisfy its customers through high quality, best price, selling services and on time delivery. It cooperates with creditable productive factories and companies like petrochemical plants.

Shiraz farashimi chemical company is proud of its product quality and the credit which gained from internal customers. So now it is active in exporting caustic soda flakes to other countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Uzbekistan.

One of the goals of farashimi productive group, is much more cooperation with producers and manufacturers in the field of providing a high quality product, therefore all of the producers in Iran and other countries can take advantages of a premuim quality product.

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  • 1/12/2019

    Caustic Soda Flakes

    It is sodium hydroxide indeed. Industrially it is an all-purpose chemical substance. The chemical formula of caustic soda flakes is NaOH. Its trading name is caustic soda flak ...