Edible Caustic soda flakes

Caustic soda flakes or caustic soda flakes has the common name of sodium hydroxide. Edible caustic soda flakes is an additive using in food industries to adjust PH, remove bitterness and do so many other things. Surely, caustic soda flakes is a very basic and acrid material, so it is used in the form of causitc soda solution or extra diluted liquid soda . caustic soda flakes is an ionic compound with properties of sodium as a cationic material and hydroxide as an anionic one. Some of its usages in food industries are as belows
Without introducing caustic soda flakes into the prodction of ice-cream, it just remains at the milk shake stage. Carrageenan, which is extracted from a seaweeds, is a material with gelling property that is used for thickening in ice-cream production. When caustic soda flakes contacts this material, its gelling property increases and help attaining the desired stability in ice-cream.

In “Dutch” method, a new process in producing chocolate, edible caustic soda flakes is used to reduce the acidity of the cocoa. In comparison to natural cocoa, this one has a better taste and color when used in chocolate. This method also leads to a rich texture in chocolate and make a more uniform and creamy state in chocolate.
Craker Stick
Caustic soda flakes or caustic soda flakes reacts to the protein which exists in the paste and transforms it in to amino acids which then reacts to sugar and gives the sticks a glassy and crunchy form. This process is known as Maillard reaction in chemistry. Baking stage causes alkaline property of caustic soda flakes solution to be neutralized and make it safe for the consumer.

Caustic soda flakes or caustic soda flakes is one of the important and tradition addditives in producing nuddle, which causes the PH of the pase to increase. This alkality leads to the yellow color of nuddle and a pleasant texture while eaten.

Oleuropein is an phenolic compound that exists in olive and the cause of its bitterness. Alkaline solution of caustic soda flakes with the chemical formula of sodium hydroxide causes oleuropein molecular bands to break and reduce bitterness. Caustic soda flakes makes the surface of the olive to be soft and preserves its freshness and green color. After this process, washing process is done completely to remove the chemicals from the olive surface.

Caramel Color
Caramel color which is soluble in water is produced by heating carbohydrates in presence of acids, bases and salts, and it happpens because of caustic soda flakes solution or caustic soda flakes. The range of provided color is from dark brown to yellow, which depends on the concentration of soda solution. One prominent example of applying sodium hydroxide in producing caramel color is soda pops.

Peeling Fruits
Caustic soda flakes is used in peeling fruits. The effectiveness of it in pelling depends on the type of the skin of fruits and vegetables. Caustic soda flakes solution attacks the skin so by means of hydrolytic analysis of the fruits and vegetables outer skin and preventing enzym which changes fruit’s color to brown, prepares them a good state to be eaten.
Washing and Rinsing
The last application of edible caustic soda flakes which is also the most one, is its application in washing and rinsing clean places or CID. In automated factories clean places are places considered for doing sanitery actions and also for vital factors. Caustic soda flakes or caustic soda flakes is used in chemical washing operations where strong chemicals exist. This method is mostely used in sugar refining plants.