CAUSTIC SODA FLAKES       pdf file

98%+1 NAOH
Fe 10 ppm max
K2o 700 ppm max
NI 5 ppm max
FE2O3 30 ppm max
Na2co3 4000 ppm max
Nacl 200 ppm max
Sio2 15 ppm max
Choride 50 ppm max
Heavy Metals ND


Physical and chemical properties:
The name of the substance and the names of the same: Peroxide, Solid caustic soda, Sodium hydroxide, Soda ash, NaoH
Purity: 98%, solid white caustic sodas and odorless
Molecular weight 4000 g / mol
Melting point: 12 ° C (50% solution) and 318 ° C (solid / percolate)
Boiling point: 140 ° C (50% solution) and 1388 ° C (solid / caustic soda)
Relative density: 53.1 ° C (50% solution) and 2.13 ° C (solid / perc)
Solubility in the liquid: 111 g / 100 ml at 20 ° C.
Solubility in other liquids: soluble in ethanol, methanol and glycerol.
Peroxide is soluble in alcohol, but it is not soluble in acetone and ether.
Steam pressure: 1.5 mm Hg at 20 ° C (50% solution)
The concentration of hydrogen ion: 12 (solution: 0.05%), 13 (0.5% solution), 14 (solution 5%)
In the case of contact with air humidity and carbon dioxide, it reacts with acids and, if dissolved in water, produces a lot of heat in water. No danger of fire and explosion