Production method

Liqiud soda or sodium hydroxide is a corrosive basic material which needs special piping system to retain it in the production cycle. To make its handling, storage and using more comfortable, liquid soda is transformed to solis caustic soda flakes. Using premium quality liquid soda and also uptodate equipments in producing caustic soda flakes, leads to production of a very pure and high quality product. Liquid caustic soda flakes is obtained from hydrolysis of  brine solution at petrochemical industries and liquid soda production plants. Then it is shipped to caustic soda flakes producing plants by means of specific tanks and offloaded in special containers. At the plant, liquid costic soda is transported from the main container to a small overhead container from which it then cascaded to nickel trays. By heating up to 1400 ºc it is concentrated and transformed from 50% liquid soda to 98% caustic soda flakes. After receiving enough heat it is carried to cooling drive apparatuse and by means of cooling process it converts to thin sheets of caustic soda flakes in the circular walls of grauf. During this process the water content of caustic soda flakes is evaporated and the result prodauct is 98% purified caustic soda flakes which is highly alkaline and corrosive. Right after production, caustic soda flakes is paked in the form of 25kg, 2ply packages which are properly sewed. This matter prevents caustic soda flakes from absorbing humidity and being conglomerated