CAUSTIC SODA FLAKES       pdf file

98%+1 NAOH
Fe 10 ppm max 
K2o 700 ppm max 
NI 5 ppm max 
FE2O3 30 ppm max 
Na2co3 4000 ppm max 
Nacl 200 ppm max 
Sio2 15 ppm max 
Choride 50 ppm max 
Mg ND 
Hg ND 
Heavy Metals ND


Physical and chemical properties:
The name of the substance and the names of the same: Peroxide, Solid caustic soda, Sodium hydroxide, Soda ash, NaoH
Purity: 98%, solid white caustic sodas and odorless
Molecular weight 4000 g / mol
Melting point: 12 ° C (50% solution) and 318 ° C (solid / percolate)
Boiling point: 140 ° C (50% solution) and 1388 ° C (solid / caustic soda)
Relative density: 53.1 ° C (50% solution) and 2.13 ° C (solid / perc)
Solubility in the liquid: 111 g / 100 ml at 20 ° C.
Solubility in other liquids: soluble in ethanol, methanol and glycerol.
Peroxide is soluble in alcohol, but it is not soluble in acetone and ether.
Steam pressure: 1.5 mm Hg at 20 ° C (50% solution)
The concentration of hydrogen ion: 12 (solution: 0.05%), 13 (0.5% solution), 14 (solution 5%)
In the case of contact with air humidity and carbon dioxide, it reacts with acids and, if dissolved in water, produces a lot of heat in water. No danger of fire and explosion